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9 Tips for Finding Happiness When You're Dealing with Chronic Pain

Are you living with chronic pain and wondering how to infuse your daily life with greater happiness and fulfillment? Read on.
User Avatar KopaMay 05, 2021

Feeling Alone in Living with Psoriasis? Here’s What to Do

Too many people with psoriasis are going it alone. Here’s how to build a support system from the ground up.
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New Research Reveals Stretching Can Help Lower High Blood Pressure

Doing simple stretches can go a long way in lowering high blood pressure.
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3 Ways Mindfulness Improves Life with a Chronic Condition

Taking up mindful meditation can help you cope with your condition in more ways than you may realize.
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Inverse Psoriasis 101

How inverse psoriasis is different from other types, and the best ways to treat it.
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Do Vitamin D Supplements Help Psoriasis? We Asked a Dietitian

Wondering if supplementing your diet with some extra vitamin D could ease your psoriasis symptoms? Here’s what our dietary expert says.
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INFOGRAPHIC: Systemic Treatments for Psoriasis

Wondering what systemic medications are and how they treat psoriasis? Check out this simple guide.
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Sleep Doctors Explain: Why You Need a Sleep Schedule Now

Consistent sleep is as important to our well‑being as how long we snooze is.
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Seborrheic Dermatitis and Psoriasis: How to Tell the Difference

Seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis both cause dryness, scaling, and flaking. So, what exactly is the difference? And what should you do to treat each?
User Avatar KopaApr 23, 2021

Simple but Effective Ways to Improve Nail Psoriasis

You can get treatment for nail psoriasis from your doctor, but you can also make lifestyle changes to help you manage the condition. This video offers tips and tricks for people with nail psoriasis.