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How to Do an Elimination Diet, According to a Dietitian

Wondering if an elimination diet could help improve your symptoms? See how to try it, what to avoid, how long to do it, and more tips.
User Avatar KopaApr 21, 2021

8 Ways Meditation Will Help You Become Calmer and Happier

Whether it's your first time meditating or you've been doing it for years, here are 8 reasons why meditation is good for your physical and mental well‑being.
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What Is a Comorbidity, Exactly?

Living with and treating any one chronic condition can take a toll, but what if you have two or more? Comorbidities can present extra challenges. Here’s how to cope.
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Tattoos When You Have Psoriasis: What You Need to Know

There are some risks involved with getting tattoos or permanent makeup when you have psoriasis. Know these important facts and tips before you get inked.
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Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower: An Animation

In less than 3 minutes, you'll understand why practicing mindfulness is one of the single most powerful things you can do for your wellbeing.
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9 Things Never to Say to Someone with Psoriasis

No, it’s not just a skin rash. Here are some common questions and comments about psoriasis that come off as rude or insensitive.
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Simple Strategies to Conquer Workday Stress

If your mile-a-minute pace is making you too frazzled to actually accomplish much, these tips can help you pump the brakes on stress while increasing your productivity.
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Former Smokers Share How They Quit the Habit for Good

These inspirational stories and how-to’s prove you can quit smoking, too.
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3 Ways People Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Psoriasis

Find out if apple cider vinegar has benefits for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis—and how to try it for yourself.
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When Is It Time for a New Psoriasis Treatment?

Know the biggest signs it’s time to talk to your doctor about switching to a different psoriasis treatment.