User Avatar KopaFeb 10, 2021

3 Signs You’re Numbing Your Emotions

Emotions are messages from our interior—little bundles of information that allow us to navigate the world around us. Painful emotions tell us what to avoid and when to fight back. Joyful emotions do the opposite; they open us up and make us seek oneness with others and life.

In life, naturally, we experience both types of emotional states. But some of us may experience more of the negative, either because life just throws more pain our way, or because we are genetically wired to experience more distress than other people.

When painful emotions are a constant part of life, many of us resort to anesthetizing them in order to survive the day-to-day business of living. Although we may feel protected in the short term, this strategy cuts us off from everything that makes life worth living, such as joy, creativity, and connection. When life becomes devoid of meaning and mere existence, we are disregarding the blessing of being alive.

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