User Avatar KopaSep 13, 2020

4 Tips for Exercising When You Have Joint Pain

“The pain is so bad, I can barely walk, let alone exercise!” explains Robyn Bari Genn, 54, of Westchester County, New York, who lives with psoriatic arthritis. “It has taken my quality of life from me.”

If you’re like Robyn and the more than 200,000 other individuals diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis each year, you know all too well that even moderate exercise can be painful. Symptoms like stiffness and inflammation can make virtually any form of movement feel far from a proverbial walk in the park.

But doctors say it’s important to get moving anyhow. “When it comes to managing arthritis pain, consistency [in exercise] is key,” says Deeba Minhas M.D., doctor of medicine in the rheumatology division at the University of Michigan. “Start with small goals, maybe just a walk around the block. Even if you take it slow! It’s just important that you complete some form of exercise each day.” Not sure exactly what to do during your daily movement sessions? These tips can help.

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