User Avatar KopaJan 13, 2021

7 Foods That Could Be Making Your Psoriasis Worse

Want to know if you can eat your way to healthier skin? The truth is, no one diet plan is scientifically proven to help everyone with psoriasis. But, there are some foods that tend to cause people to flare up. Avoiding them may help improve or reduce your symptoms. In general, these are inflammatory foods and those that some people are sensitive to. Consider consuming them in moderation or avoiding them altogether based on this helpful info.

1. Refined Sugars

Over the past few decades, as the amount of sugar in the American diet began to skyrocket, a number of scientific reports have demonstrated an association between sugar intake and chronic diseases. And a 10-year study of nutritional trends found that consuming higher amounts of sugar-sweetened beverages was associated with higher levels of inflammation in the bloodstream.

Researchers hypothesize that this happens because sugar is broken down by the liver. Too much sugar can overload the liver and cause it to release inflammation-causing substances into the body.

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