User Avatar KopaApr 05, 2021

Does a Gluten-Free Diet Help Psoriasis? We Asked a Dietitian

Medically reviewed by Allison Truong, M.D.

People with psoriasis often ask if going gluten-free can improve their psoriasis. There’s no clear-cut answer due to the conflicting information out there, so we asked our nutrition expert, Elizabeth DeRobertis, a New-York based registered dietitian, for the facts about psoriasis and gluten.

Why is a gluten-free diet so common for people with psoriasis to want to try?

There’s no one specific, guaranteed treatment for psoriasis that works for everyone across the board, so people with the condition are often looking for alternative options and answers. Some people are hesitant to take medications, and they feel that if they can improve a condition on their own with food, they would prefer to try this route first.

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