User Avatar KopaMay 05, 2021

Feeling Alone in Living with Psoriasis? Here’s What to Do

Managing psoriasis requires a lot more than the treatments you’re prescribed by your doctor. A good support system is crucial—especially if the condition impacts your mental health or otherwise interferes with your activities.

“Numerous studies have shown that patients with psoriasis suffer from quality-of-life changes because of their skin disease,” says Seemal R. Desai, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in Plano, Texas. “Many have a sense of hopelessness, and the chronic nature of the disease can lead to lack of sleep, depression, and other symptoms. In addition, patients often feel like their psoriasis can affect their work environment and interpersonal relationships.”

Those same studies show that social support can improve quality of life for people with psoriasis; but finding that support isn’t always easy. In fact, in a recent Kopa poll, we asked: “Who supports you most in living with psoriasis?" The second-highest response—given by 27 percent of people who responded—was: "I don't have support."

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