User Avatar KopaMay 11, 2021

Grow Resilient by Building Your Inner Voices of Self-Worth

There is something delightful in watching a child learn how to walk. They fall countless times, they get bumps and bruises, and they cry and howl.

And yet, they rise up one tumble after another with that gleeful toothless smile, and keep going until they’ve perfected the art of walking. Now, isn’t that a fine example of resilience! And yet, as we get older, we seem to forget this. We let frustrations get to us and allow failures to stop us in our tracks. We become overwhelmed by negative emotions and lose the motivation to keep going. What did we have when we were little that we seem to have lost along the way? And how can we get it back so we become, in the words of Nassim Taleb, antifragile?

When we were little, we made sense of our world through the words and actions of our primary caregivers. Getting hurt was okay because they soothed the pain. Trying new things was fun because they encouraged us. And succeeding felt great because they celebrated the wins with us. Armed with this wholeness, our little selves were able to face life’s little challenges.

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