User Avatar KopaMay 20, 2021

How to Get the Most Out of a Salon Visit When You Have Scalp Psoriasis

Some people with scalp psoriasis find a treatment that works for them and stick with it. For example, Erin Dziados (41) of New York uses drugstore products like Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo, Head & Shoulders, and Nioxin and says that “works wonders” in keeping her scalp flare-ups at bay. For others, there seems to be no relief in sight. But one thing that remains the same for people with scalp psoriasis, is that they likely get their hair cut, colored, or both, by a professional. Sitting in that stylist’s chair when you have a scaly scalp can feel embarrassing. Some people even avoid the salon altogether.

“Sadly, many of my clients who have psoriasis are self-conscious and hesitant to have their hair done professionally,” says Melissa Crosby, a veteran stylist working in Long Island and Windham, New York. But there are some ways you can make visits to the hair salon more comfortable and get the results you want.

Don’t Assume It’ll Be a Bad Experience

“We are educated on the condition, know that it’s not contagious and is nothing to be feared,” explains Kristina Canelli, a stylist at Metamorphose Salon, located in upstate New York. “Most of us choose to be stylists and it’s our job to help people look and feel their best.” So, the first step will likely be psyching yourself up to make the appointment.

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