User Avatar KopaMar 02, 2021

How to Maximize Your Workout When You Have No Time

Consistent and regular workouts—totaling at least two-and-a-half hours of moderate-intensity exercise per week—comprise one of the pillars of good health. But sometimes, work obligations and family commitments can make scheduling time to hit the gym easier said than done. On days when an hour-long class or gym session isn’t possible, you can likely manage to carve out a little time, say, 20 minutes, to stick to your exercise goals.

Of course, you’ll have to overcome the urge to make excuses to just skip altogether (“Getting to the gym and back would take longer; besides, it’ll probably be really crowded and I won’t get anything done anyway.”). The truth is: Even a short amount of time can be productive. The first step is to shift your mindset. The gym can be great for workouts, but the place doesn’t have a monopoly on physical activity. “Every movement is exercise,” says Ethan Benda, a certified trainer in Kansas City, Missouri.

Once you grasp that, the only challenge is figuring out how to best use your small window. Here’s a plan for every type of exerciser, from workout newbie to gym rat.

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