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How to Nail That Big Career Moment, Even If You Have a Flare-Up

Before she was hired as the HR manager at ProPrivacy, Sophie Summers was dealing with a severe psoriasis flare. “The flare on my scalp and in between my eyes, along with severe itching, was terrible enough to make me lose my confidence,” she recently told Kopa, noting that because psoriasis is a visible condition, it can impact those who have it both personally and professionally.

The anxiety Summers felt about her appearance, and the way her appearance may impact her ability to land the job, is not uncommon for people living with psoriasis. But as Summers went on to prove, a psoriasis flare doesn’t have to keep you from nailing the job interview or delivering a killer presentation at work.

The Hit to Your Confidence

Wendy Askew, M.D., is a functional and regenerative medicine physician in San Antonio, Texas, who has been dealing with severe psoriasis for more than 20 years. When her condition was at its worst, she says, the psoriasis covered more than 65 percent of her body and she had joint pain in her hips.

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