User Avatar KopaJan 04, 2021

How to Step into 2021 with Renewed Purpose

Congratulations: You survived 2020! That’s no small feat, regardless of how little or how much you were affected by its events. Take a moment to take that in. You’ll need it as you plan ahead for a year that holds both hope and uncertainty.

As I began reflecting on this piece, I was taken back to the time I was pregnant with my twins. It was the year 2000. I was nearing the end of my second trimester, and feeling excited and energized about what was to come. Much as we all did around this time last year, my husband and I planned for the best year of our lives.

And then, my world flipped over. At a regular checkup, it was discovered that I was close to going into labor—and that night, I actually did. The doctors managed to stall the delivery with medications, but I’d been shaken to my core. And all I could see ahead was uncertainty and struggle. Hospitalized and bedridden, I tried to make sense of my world. Collectively, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing as we’ve sheltered in place, dealt with our emotions, and watched our old lives slip through our fingers.

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