User Avatar KopaDec 26, 2020

Influencers with Psoriasis Share Their Favorite Skincare Tips and Products

When you have psoriasis, skincare is often top of mind. And you probably find yourself wondering, What’s working for everyone else? So we asked for you!

We spoke to six women who not only have psoriasis, but who openly share their journeys with their followers. They divulged to us their favorite beauty and skincare tips for managing their psoriasis. The best part? Many of their favorite products can be found right in your kitchen.

Ashley Featherston, Model

“I like to use products that are very clean and free from harsh chemicals, such as pure jojoba and coconut oil, which I apply right to my skin during breakouts, in their natural form. It’s best to keep it simple. I also soak every night in Dead Sea salts, which helps with removing the flakes and dead skin.”

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