User Avatar KopaApr 14, 2021

Simple Strategies to Conquer Workday Stress

I don't know about you, but I have a to-do list longer than my arm most days. I used to rush from one thing to another all day long in a slightly panicked state. Then I learned these three supersimple strategies from neuroscientists. These strategies will help you recharge throughout every day so you're not constantly running on adrenaline. They'll also help you get way more done without all the stress.

Take a Break

It can feel counterintuitive to take a break when you are superbusy, but taking a break will help you be more productive every day and you'll finish your workday with enough energy left for your life. In fact, Tony Schwartz, author of The Way We're Working Isn't Working writes that taking breaks can double productivity.

Research conducted by K. Anders Ericsson, Ph.D., at Florida State University found that elite performers including musicians, athletes, and chess players who take a break every ninety minutes are the best performers. The reason is simple, say neuroscientists. Our abilities to practice self-control, to engage our decision-making capabilities, and to focus and concentrate are all in limited supply. We use them up. When you take a break, you recharge those abilities, so you are far more productive than if you power through without breaks.

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