User Avatar KopaMay 06, 2021

9 Tips for Finding Happiness When You're Dealing with Chronic Pain

While achieving lasting happiness is a goal everyone can get behind, the feasibility of this goal is justifiably pulled into question by chronic pain patients every day. How can you feel longstanding happiness if your body is in constant pain? And what are the possibilities for living happily amid physical pain even like? Can you learn to practice gratitude, savor the good stuff, and become excited and embracing of yourself and your life?

One thing's for sure: while chronic pain is an ongoing struggle, it doesn't have to be an inescapable spiral toward depression and unhappiness.

If you’re living with chronic pain and wondering how to infuse your daily life with greater happiness and fulfillment, consider what science tells us about pain and happiness in the following tips. While they won't totally erase your pain, with concerted effort, commitment, and hope, they'll steer you in a more joy-filled direction.

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