User Avatar KopaMay 13, 2021

Why I Never Give Up: Finding Hope While Living with Psoriasis

For Janelle Hiles, 43, of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, living with severe psoriasis has been a struggle, at times, but she’s never lost hope. Here, she shares with us her journey, from discovering her psoriasis as a child to being one of her doctor’s “toughest cases” to the progress she’s made over time. Janelle also explains why she’s so hopeful for the future.

An Early Beginning

My psoriasis journey began when I was 10 years old. It started on my scalp—it was very itchy and flaky. My mother took me to a doctor who prescribed a tar shampoo to use.

Because I was so young, I wasn’t sure what to think, at first, except that it was new to me and it did make me feel uncomfortable because of the itching and scratching. As the years went on, it spread to my elbows and legs but disappeared from my scalp. It often made me very unhappy and I was embarrassed to show my skin.

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